Got a tasty tip that you’d like to share with the world?  Want to get the word out about a delicious discovery you’ve made recently?  We’d love to hear from you!

Anyone can contribute to Kuisines just as long as the pictures and videos you provide are of high resolution.  We’re looking for full-fat pictures with none of the yummy details left out.  If it’s your first time writing a review or are unsure where to start, we’ve prepared a template for you which will help you to form the basis of your thoughts and experience.

We can’t wait to hear what’s tickled your tastebuds please email us with your content and we will be back in touch with you soon to discuss your potential contribution!


  • It is always advisable to provide videos where possible!  We’re able to capture still images from video content to help embellish your review.
  • We’re happy to accept video content from the latest smartphone devices meaning that content from iPhone 6/7 devices, for example, are very much welcome.

  • If you are filming content via smartphone, please ensure that you do so in landscape so that you capture as much as possible for us!

  • If you’re unsure which angles to take when capturing food for the first time, consider 40, 90 or 180 degrees.

  • Natural lighting provides the best illumination for food photography so, when reviewing a restaurant, be sure to try and get a window seat wherever possible!